Other places of historical interest

  • The Hartlepool Marina is a major attraction in Hartlepool as it is home to HMS Trincomalee. The ship is located in a dock surrounded by buildings of the period and is a great tourist attraction.For more information visit www.hms-trincomalee.co.uk
  • The museum of Hartlepool is a fascinating place to find out more about the history of Hartlepool.


St Hilda's Church.


Yet another feature of this area stands out as having great significance to the de Brus family's history; St Hilda's Church. This beautiful church, said to bare strong resemblance to the famous Knights Templar Chapel of Roslyn, is thought to have been built, in part at least, by Robert de Brus IV. The church also contains the Brus chapel; a tomb traditionally thought to be of the de Brus family, but now thought to be that of another local noble family. This church is worth a visit either way.



The de Brus family's connection to Hartlepol takes root in the actions of Henry I when, between 1110 and 1120, he extended the authority of Robert de Brus I into the district of Hartness, north of the river Tees. This action made Robert de Brus responsible for not only the Tees estuary, but the coastal area where later Hartlepool would be established. The son of Robert de Brus I, (Robert de Brus II) would later hold the Hartness estates as tenant from his brother Adam, thus uniting both branches of the family via a common interest in the region and particularly developing a port.