​             ​Recent Research as of November 2017. 

​900 th Anniversary Of the foundation of Gisborough Priory

​Research into the volumes of theSurtees Society, housed in Middlesbrough library, has shown that the Priory was founded in 1119. There are two charters with the second one seeming to be a confirmation with added detail rather than a different charter. Robert de Brus, his wife Agnes and his son are all mentioned. 

​Their magnificent donation was 20 carucates and 10 bovates, which is 2,000 acres, as well as a large amount of common land and moor - in total 10,000 acres. It was equivalent to the whole of modern day Guisborough and Commondale with some 9 carucates at Kirkleatham and lands at Coatham. 

​The generosity of the founder enabled the canons to make a start on the task of combating ignorance and savagery in very favourable circumstances, (Ref Surtees Society). ​Compare this with the Espec donation for Rieveaulx which was a much praised 9 carucates.

​Within the team a discussion is developing as to the reasons for and importance of the Kirkleatham and Coatham reference. It is questioned as rivers/waters were the main mode of transport in those days but the lands at Coatham are salt marshes and salt was a very valuable commodity in those times.

​This is a matter of opinion and any further opinions would be welcomed.